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Meeting of NAB of Bulgaria

The meeting was held on-line on 10.03.2021. The meeting was attended by Madlena Stanimirova (Environmental Executive Agency), Nikolay Nikolov (teacher 119 school in Sofia), Olya Genova (Vrachanski Nature Park), Dilyanka Bezlova (Project co-ordinator) and Alexandrina Kostadinova (member of the UF team).

The final version of the RAEST project was presented by Alexandrina Kostadinova. The members of the NAB expressed their satisfaction and high appreciation of the intellectual products. Two of the members of the NAB already attended seminars organized by the UF and videos had been presented to students in primary and secondary level of education.

The members of the NAB recommended the application of the intellectual products in the education courses in school as well as application of the video animations in the kindergartens.

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